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Welcome to the home of PSA Custom Creations LLC. This site is dedicated to displaying the art I have created.

Quite a few of the items displayed are available for sale. If you are interested in anything, just let me know and if I have already sold it or given it as a gift, I can make another.

I am a retired Army Engineer Diver and currently work in Fredericksburg, VA. 

Feel free to contact me at or

You can also follow me on Facebook at PSA Custom Creations LLC.

There are now videos on Youtube showing the different bells I have made and what they sound like.

I am now listing some of my items on Click here for my shop.

Last December I was very fortunate to have Scuba Diving Magazine showcase my engraved scuba tanks on their Holiday Scuba Gift Guide. Thank you for all the interest and if you would like a custom design please let me know.

In 2013 I was asked to engrave and donate a scuba tank as part of a fund raising auction for the Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Florida. Please support them since they are a great organization with the goals of rescuing sea turtles and promoting marine conservation.

I attended the Newport News Fall Festival of Folklike Oct 2013 and was fortunate to win a ribbon and prize for "Best Folk Art" and my guitar made out of bicycle parts won the "Best in Show" award.


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